MMT Camp Policies

Payment & Registration Policy

  • A non-refundable deposit of $100 per child is due upon registration. 
  • Full payment of camp tuition is due prior to auditions. Checks made payable to MMT. Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover) can also be used for your child's camp tuition with a 3.5% credit card fee added to purchase. If the balance is not paid prior to auditions, the student forfeits his/her right to audition. 
  • No refunds will be issued once the cast list is posted. 

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Policies

  • Drop off is 9 am and pick-up is 5 pm at the front entrance of the Curtis M. Phillips Center.
  • All students will be supervised at all times. If your child is not picked up by 5 pm, they will remain with a staff member until someone comes to take them home.
  • A $15 fee will be assessed if your child is picked up more than 15 minutes after dismissal. Each 15-minute increment will result in an additional $15 fee.

Behavioral and Dismissal Policies

  • Any student unable to maintain appropriate behavior during camp hours (students must work as a team player, a friend and a professional actor) will be removed from the camp. Parent and student will be notified with a verbal warning prior to any removal. Refunds will NOT be issued for any student removed for this reason. Bullying is NOT permitted and neither is a lack of participation. 
  • In the event of an absence, all students must notify the director via email asap. Failure to do so may result in removal from camp. Three excused absences are permitted during our summer camps. Excessive absences will result in removal from camp, regardless of role. Refunds will NOT be issued for any student removed for this reason.

Medical Release
During my son or daughter’s participation in MMT's camp, I do hereby authorize personnel of the MMT, or other health care providers to render such medical and dental care as may be deemed necessary. I understand that such care will normally be rendered on a temporary (emergency) basis only, and that I am responsible for any expenses incurred. I do hereby release MMT and its staff and volunteers from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes of actions, due to injury, illness, or death.

I have disclosed all known medical conditions and current treatments, and I understand that such information will only be divulged to MMT and personnel directly involved with the operation of the camp and medical/dental personnel requiring the information in order to effectively treat any medical/dental emergency which may arise.

Video/Image Release
MMT may use photos or video of my child for archival, marketing, and/or civic programs. I hereby give my consent to MMT to photograph or video-record productions of the classes and shows.