Fundamentals of Musical Theater (FMT) is a class that instructs students in the art that is putting on a musical production. Students will work together to learn the art of theater dance, solo/group vocals, movement, monologues, improve and more.

This class is broken down into two semesters:

Semester 1: Students will spend the fall semester working on musical theater skills that coincide with the spring musical. For example: if our May production is The Lion King Jr., students will learn African dance/movement, animal characterization, and African spiritual song. Not only will these skills prepare the actors for their upcoming production in May, they will aid in building confidence, team-work, and a passion for the arts.

Semester 2: Performance semester! At the beginning of the semester, students will audition for a Music Theater International show (ex: Annie Jr., The Lion King Jr., The Music Man Jr.). Following auditions, they will work together, rehearsing for their production which will take place in May. All students will be cast in the show and all production elements (scripts, costumes, set, props, etc.) will be provided by MMT.